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Are you going away and would like your pup to have a stay-cay too?

The Ruff Barn is located in Leeming and offers pet boarding services where your pup stays overnight at our place. 
We take great care to ensure your pups are treated with the utmost care from the time that they arrive at our place to the time that you pick them up!​


Unlike traditional boarding facilities, pet boarding offers a more personalized and home-like experience for pets. 


We do require all boarding dogs to come in for a temperament trial. You'll drop your dog off for an hour and we can assess his/her behaviour and interaction with other dogs. 

Things we would need you to bring for boarding:​

  • Food 

  • Harness

  • Your old shirt or their blankie (so that they can be comforted by your scent)

After which, I will send you an email containing the Pet Boarding Agreement, Owner and Pet Care Information Disclosure, Veterinary Release Form, Owner's Checklist as well as your invoice.



Boarding is charged by per calendar day from the day of drop off to the day of pick up, irrespective of the time they arrive.

Temperament Trial  (1hr observation): $20 per dog


Price for ONE dog per day

Small (10kg or less): $40

Medium (Over 10kg to 28kg): $50

Large (Over 28kg-42kg): $60

Extra large (Over 42kg): $70

Price for ADDITIONAL dog* per day


Add-on dog wash (Includes wash, blow-dry, brush out) 

$15 - Small / $25 Medium 

Additional charge for fluffy or dogs that are shedding

PLEASE NOTE: You are required to book an appointment for all services (including pick up and drop off). 


  • A comfortable and safe living space for your pet

  • Regular feeding and watering

  • Exercise and playtime, including walks and trips to a nearby park or other outdoor areas

  • Supervised rest periods to prevent over-excitement or exhaustion

  • Medication administration, if necessary

  • Basic grooming services such as brushing and bathing at an additional cost

  • Regular updates on your pet's well-being, such as pictures or text messages

  • Full access indoors and outdoors 

  • Fully secured backyard

  • Large sun-filled grassy backyard 

  • Heating/air conditioning

  • Love and attention!

*Dog has to be from the same household to be considered the price of an additional dog.

There is an additional charge for non-sterilized dogs/puppies. A surcharge of $20 per day applies on public holidays.


We do offer special rates for long-term boarding (more than 14 consecutive days). Do message us to find out more! 


We do fill quickly throughout the year,  particularly during peak travel periods such as school holidays and festive periods. So booking is definitely necessary.  Last-minute booking (less than a week) would incur a $10 fee. We require a non-refundable and non-transferable 20% deposit to be made within 72 hours after meet and greet. No booking can be confirmed until the required deposit is paid. The balance payment is to be made 48 hours prior to your pet's stay. There will be no refund should there be any cancellation after full payment has been made. No refunds or credits will be offered for early collections. 

Please allow 2-3 days for a reply. 


To book in for pet boarding, please 

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