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Walking exercises the mind and the body. By walking your dog, you are providing them with mental stimulation, physical exercise, socialization, as well as opportunities for behavioural training.

Walks can help improve your pup's cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, and stronger muscles, and bones. The amount of exercise a dog needs varies according to its breed but every dog requires at least once a day.

Sometimes it may be challenging to find the time to walk your pooch but that's where we come in to help you! We can pick up your pup from home or wherever they are. At the end of their walk, they will be safely returned home. You will receive updates after each walk - photos and videos.


Here at The Ruff Barn, we try to make it exciting and fun for them. Our dog walks can take place at a nearby park, around your block or at any dog-friendly location. Walks like these are incredibly therapeutic for your pup as it promotes socialization and also increases your pups confidence. Each walk includes a variety of stimulation such as toys, obstacle courses, balls, and many more! 


30 minutes walk: $25
45 minutes walk: $30

60 minutes walk: $40

Additional dog: $15/dog

*Dog has to be from the same household to be considered the price of an additional dog 

To register for dog walking, please 

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