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A home visit is a service where we visit your home to provide care for your pets. This service is especially useful for owners who are unable to be at home during the day or who are away on vacation. The pet sitter can visit the home once or multiple times per day, depending on the pet's needs and the owner's preferences.

During a pet home visit, the pet sitter may provide several services such as:

  1. Feeding and watering: The pet sitter will ensure that the pets have access to fresh food and water on a regular schedule, as per the owner's instructions.

  2. Exercise and Playtime: The pet sitter will provide exercise and playtime for the pets. Extra charges would apply for dog walks. 

  3. Medication Administration: If any pets require medication, the pet sitter will ensure that it is given on time and as per the owner's instructions.

  4. Cleaning up waste: For cats, the pet sitter will clean the litter box as needed to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Dog waste would be picked up and disposed off daily. 

Each home visit includes photos and video updates, playing with toys, and treats (provided by the owner).




30 minutes visits: $25

60 minutes visits: $40

Extra charges may apply depending on house visits location. 

*Puppy needs to be fully vaccinated before dog walking*

If you would like to book us for home visits, please email us at

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