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  • What area does The Ruff Barn cover and are you based in Perth?
    We are based in Perth, southern suburbs and covers The City of Melville. We are willing to travel to different suburbs but at an additional cost. It is harder to find sitters the further you live away from Perth.
  • What is the difference between house sitting and home visit?
    House sitting and home visits are both pet care services, but they differ in several ways. House sitting involves a pet sitter staying in the pet owner's home while they are away. The pet sitter may also take care of additional tasks such as bringing in the mail, watering plants, and performing basic housekeeping duties. On the other hand, a home visit is when a pet sitter comes to the pet owner's home to provide care for the pets, but does not stay overnight. Home visits typically last around 30 minutes to an hour, during which the pet sitter will feed and water the pets, provide exercise and playtime, administer medication if needed.
  • How can we secure a booking for pet boarding/house sitting services ?
    We require a non-refundable and non-transferable 20% deposit. No booking can be confirmed until the required deposit is paid and the balance 48hrs prior to pup's stay. There will be no refund should there be any cancellation after full payment had been made.
  • Will we get to meet the pet sitter?
    Yes, all dogs require to come down for a temperament trial. It is an hour long. You'll drop your pup off for an hour and we can assess his/her behaviour and interaction with other dogs. During this trial, you should also give the sitter a run down of things the sitter should know (pet food, allergies, food or toy aggression etc).
  • What happens if my dog is unwell during their stay?
    In the event that your dog becomes ill or injured, The Ruff Barn will immediately contact you to inform you of the situation and seek your authorization to take your dog to a veterinarian. You will also be required to sign a consent form authorizing The Ruff Barn to seek medical treatment on behalf of your pet In case of an emergency and we are unable to contact you, The Ruff Barn will seek immediate veterinary care for your dog at The Animal Hospital at Murdoch University. If your dog requires medical treatment, we will cover the costs upfront and provide you with an itemised bill later. It is important to note that dogs are required to be up-to-date on their vaccinations, including the Bordetella vaccine, which helps prevent kennel cough. However, there is always a risk that your dog may contract an illness while boarding, particularly if they are exposed to other dogs who may be sick.
  • Is there downtime for the dogs during boarding/daycare?
    Yes. Downtime is very important as it allows dogs to rest, recharge, and prevent overstimulation or exhaustion. We have designated areas where dogs can relax and rest in a calm environment. During downtime, dogs will be provided with soft bedding, water, and possibly some soothing music or ambient noise to help them relax. Downtime can also be an opportunity for us to provide individual attention and affection to the dogs, which can help build trust and strengthen the bond between the dogs and the staff. By providing a balance of playtime and downtime, we can help ensure that dogs are happy, healthy, and well-cared for while their owners are away.
  • Do you have any insurance?
    Yes, we are covered by Public Liability Insurance. However, your pet is not individually insured for, unless you have organised personal pet insurance for them. The owners also have to hold a normal household insurance policy.
  • How can we pay you ?
    We accept Cash or Bank transfer. If your dog passes the temperament trial, we would send through forms and invoice. For boarding, house visits and house sittings, 20% deposit is required in order to secure the booking and the remaining payment is due 48 hours prior to start of service. For other services, payment is due before service commences.
  • Do we need to book an appointment?
    Absolutely. All services including pick up and drop off requires you to book an appointment. As we have nap time for the pups, please do not drop by without an appointment.
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