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house sitting agreement 

All puppies must have had their final puppy vaccinations.

All pups attending TheRuffBarn are required to be up to date with their C5 vaccinations. Owners must provide proof of C5 vaccinations from their vet.

Owners must disclose any aggressive behaviour prior to any agreement.

Access to premises

The homeowner agrees:

  • to provide the house sitter with at least seven days notice of any change to the agreed first day of the house sitting assignment

  • Will give the house sitter reasonable notice if return dates are to be changed

  • that the premises will be vacant and in a habitable condition for the house sitter to stay on the agreed first day of the house sitting assignment

  • to provide the house sitter with a set of spare keys for the premises

The housesitter agrees: 

  • to be responsible for any act by any person the house sitter allows on the premises who break any terms of the agreement

  • not to allow any person not listed in this agreement to live at the premises without the home owner’s written permission

Care of premises

The homeowner agrees:

  • to ensure that the premises are reasonably clean and fit to live in

The housesitter agrees:

  • not to use the premises, or allow the premises to be used, for any illegal purpose

  • not to cause a nuisance or allow a nuisance to be caused on the premises

  • not to interfere, or allow others to interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of neighbours

  • to care for every item on the premises

  • to keep the premises as clean and tidy as at the start of this agreement

  • to notify the home owner as soon as possible of any damage to the premises

  • to leave the premises as nearly as possible in the same condition as at the start of this agreement

  • to keep windows and doors locked where appropriate and ensure that any other security measures in the premises are used effectively

Care of animals 

Name and describe each animal to be covered by this agreement. Describe how you would like each animal to be managed on a day-to-day basis. Include details of any medications or special treatment that each animal requires.

The homeowner agrees:

  • to describe in writing and in detail how any animals normally resident at the premises should be cared for

  • to provide all food and sundry supplies (insect control and other medicine, bedding, exercising and cleaning equipment) for the animals, or make arrangements to reimburse the house sitter for any food or supplies bought for the animals

  • to make arrangements for payment for any services provided by a qualified veterinarian in the treatment and care of the home owner’s animals

  • In case of an emergency and am unable to be contacted, The Ruff Barn may seek immediate veterinary care for my dog and will be responsible for all costs that result from this

The housesitter agrees:

  • to make every reasonable effort to ensure the good health, comfort, safety and happiness of the animals listed in this agreement

  • to follow the home owner’s instructions as far as possible in the care of the animals listed in this agreement

Homeowner checklist

Animal documentation: All of your animal’s records should be put together in a folder for your house sitter’s easy access. These records could include immunisations, tattoos, microchips, any lost pet register phone numbers, license, medical history and current medications.

Animal license: Please make certain your animal's license or registration will not expire while you are away.

Animal suppliesPlease stock up on enough supplies for your animals while you’re away. These supplies could include the following:

  • Food (main meals, dry food, treats, chewing bones, drinks)

  • Medications (flea, tick, lice, heartworm, worm and mange treatment – with dosage information)

  • Toys (indoor chewing and tugging toys, chasing toys)

  • Exercise equipment (lead, ball, towel, cold weather gear, muzzle, collar, harness)

  • Identification tags, tattoo or microchip (featuring a contact number or a link to contact details on a registration list – make sure this information is current!)

  • Bedding

  • Cleaning and grooming equipment

Clean linenPut out clean bed linen and towels for your house sitter.

Clean & tidy home and yard: It’s a good idea to ensure your house and grounds are clean and tidy in preparation for your house sitter’s arrival.

Emergency contact: You may want to ask someone such as a friend, neighbour or relative etc to act as a nominated contact person for your house sitter to liaise within your absence.

Heating & air-con: Leave detailed instructions on how to program the heating and air-conditioning systems.

Rubbish collection & recycling services: You need to make a note of which days your rubbish and recycling are collected. Have any recycling equipment available for your house sitter to use.

Spare keys: Leave a set of spare keys with your nominated contact person or your house sitter.

cancellation policy

A 50% deposit to be made after the meet-and-greet (non-refundable if you decide to cancel your booking).

A full refund is available if a client cancels 3 days before the beginning of the stay. If cancelled on or after the beginning of the stay, a 50% refund is available for the first FIVE cancelled days, and a 100% refund is available for any additional days.


Enjoy your holiday! 

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